Safety Plan

Purpose and Scope

Heir Force Community School’s Safe School Plan (SSP) provides guidance and direction to principals, faculty, and staff who have emergency management responsibilities. The SSP should be used during an emergency incident involving a school facility.

Key Emergency Contact
It is imperative during an emergency to contact 911 followed by the principal and district office as quickly as possible.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)
The school has an Emergency Response Team to take charge of the emergency, respond effectively, protect the occupants of the facility and reduce the risk of physical injury, property damage and business interruption.

Incident Management System (IMS)
The Emergency Response Team will follow the basic principle of IMS where one team member Incident Commander (IC) is in charge of the emergency until emergency responders arrive on the scene. At that point, the Incident Commander IC will update the emergency response IC on the incident and turn over the IC duties to the external emergency response IC. The school IC should remain in close contact with the external emergency response IC until the incident is terminated. The IC is responsible for command, control, communications, and coordination of resources during an emergency event.


ERT – Emergency Response Team
HVAC – Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
IC – Incident Commander
MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet

Contents of the Plan

Flow Charts – Each incident has a flow chart for the IC and the ERT to follow and effectively stabilize and terminate the incident

Event Aids – The event aids provide valuable information to assist the IC and the ERT in responding to an incident

Emergency Phone Lists – Are provided to ensure the emergency responders are quickly notified of an incident

Evacuation Drawings – Should be placed in the plastic pouch to provide emergency responders with vital evacuation, sheltering and lockdown information

Roles & Responsibilities – Key responsibilities of the ERT are listed to give team members a general idea of their roles during an emergency incident

Crisis Communications – The flow of information is critical during an emergency and this section will provide proactive communication measures

Download the Safety Plan (PDF)