About Us

Our Philosophy:

Heir Force Community School is committed to providing a safe learning environment where staff, students, parents, and community accept the responsibility of preparing students for academic success and to face the challenges of the future.  Heir Force Community School’s environment of trust and mutual respect for all people reflects our belief that all students can learn.  With rigorous and varied academic standards, we will work together to prepare our students to take a role in society as productive citizens and help develop their commitment to learning.

Heir Force Community School services approximately 300 students from a diverse population from the city of Lima and surrounding areas. The school culture and climate embody a collaborative approach through its rigor within the curriculum towards closing the achievement gap. Our mission ultimately is to meet all state academic indicators as outlined by the Ohio Department of Education.  Our approach to achieving this goal is centered on increasing the scores in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies as outlined with the American Institute for Research (AIR) Achievement test.  Our teachers and staff support this mission by assessing student readiness, organizing instruction, and establishing individualized learning strategies for the purposes of increasing cognitive development.

To ensure the readiness of our students, our teachers conduct weekly “surges” as well as mock AIR tests designed to provide our students with opportunities to practice their content knowledge obtained within the classroom in a test-taking environment.  Through focusing on a myriad of other opportunities geared toward promoting student success, supporting the diverse needs of students with variation in their learning styles is a top priority in our school.  The students at Heir Force Community School are living proof that through rigorous coursework, high expectations, and immersion within a positive learning environment that promotes having commitment, displaying affection, exhibiting respect, and showing excitement (CARE), all students can achieve at a maximum level.