Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Impact Center Location

Photo Doak, Nicole
Position: K1
Photo Maas, Tiffany
Position: K2
Photo Fields, Jonas
Position: Mentor / Behavior Coordinator
Photo Kilgore, Jordan
Position: Administrative Assistant
Photo Bartlett, Courtney
Position: 1B
Photo  Line, Nicole
Position: 1A
Photo Lofton, Darwin
Position: Executive Director
Photo Line, Jessica
Position: Receptionist
Photo Whitehead, Jennifer
Position: 2A
Photo Wilgus, Christina
Position: 2B
Photo Shaffer, Merry
Position: Instructional Aide
Photo Smith, Samantha
Position: 3A
Photo Lanning, Nicole
Position: 3B
Photo Altman, Holly
Position: Reading Specialist


 Grand Avenue Location

Position: Receptionist

Position: Instructional Aide

Photo Brown, Dean
Position: 8th Grade (7-8th Grade ELA)
Photo Clay, Nisa
Position: 7A (5-8th Social Studies)
Photo Fullenkamp, Chelsea
Position: 5 & 6 English and Language Arts
Photo Dellinger, Joseph
Position: 7B (7-8th Grade Math)
Photo Gooding, Joshua
Position: Music Teacher
Photo Graham, Jenna
Position: 4-B
Photo Hadding, Alissa
Position: Administrative Assistant II
Photo Hall, Emily
Position: EMIS Coordinator
Photo Heggins, Willie
Position: Director of Education
Photo Hollar, Teresa
Position: 6th Grade (6-8th Grade Science)
Photo Junkins, Nancy
Position: Curriculum Coordinator
Photo Keith, Heather
Position: Special Ed. Coordinator
Photo May, Amy
Position: 5th Grade (5th & 6th Grade Math)
Photo Paris, Miranda
Position: Intervention Specialist
Photo Rentschler, Kelley
Position: 4-A
Photo Southward, Shae
Position: Receptionist
Photo Beining, Vickie
Photo Sanders, Talesha
Position: In-School Suspension Coordinator/Instructional Aide