2014-2015 Academic Calendar

8/11-15 Teacher Work Week
8/15-Open House Grades K-2 at IC
8/18- First Day of School
9/1-Labor Day- No School
9/4- Open House Grades 3-8 at Grand Ave.
9/5-Spirit Day-IC Day
9/26-PD Day for staff- No School
10/3-Spirit Day
10/17-End Q1, (43 days)
10/24-Parent Teacher Conference Day-No School
10/27-31-Fall Book Fair
11/7-PD Day for staff-No School
11/14-Spirit Day
11/26-OSU/Michigan Spirit Day, IC Day
11/27&28- Thanksgiving Break-No School
12/5-Spirit Day, Christmas Program
12/18-End Q2, (40 days)
12/19-PD Day for Staff-No School
12/22-1/2-Winter Break-No School
1/9-Spirit Day-IC Day
1/19-Martin Luther King Day-No School
2/6-Spirit Day
2/13-PD Day for staff-No School
2/16-Presidents Day-No School
3/6-Spirit Day-IC Day
3/13-End Q3, (47 days)
3/19-PD Day for Staff-No School
\3/20-Parent Teacher Conference Day-No School
3/23-27-Spring Book Fair 
4/2&3-Spring Break-No School
4/10- Spirit Day
4/23-Spring Program
5/1-Spirit Day
5/20-Last Day of School, End Q4 (44 days), Spirit Day
5/21&22 Teacher Work Day